Dental prophylaxis is a preventive treatment for adults and children. It aims to reduce the plaque that causes tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Effective cleaning can also help keep your mouth in good health.


Advantages :

  • Scaling – Tartar should be removed once or twice a year as a preventive measure. If plaque builds up on teeth, it can harden after seven days and become difficult to remove at home. This leads to the formation of tartar, which can cause gum disease (gingivitis). Tartar can affect the connective tissue between the tooth and the bone, leading to abscesses, loose teeth and sometimes even tooth loss. That’s why it’s important to see your dental hygienist regularly and get the right treatment for your needs.
  • A better appearance – Yellow, stained teeth never put a smile on anyone’s face. In fact, they can damage your self-esteem. At your cleaning appointment, the dental hygienist will remove unsightly stains from your teeth and give you something to smile about!
  • Fresh breath – A number of factors can cause bad breath, including cavities, gum infections, poorly fitting crowns or bridges, or food particles stuck between your teeth. Sometimes halitosis is caused by non-dental problems, such as intestinal flora imbalance or dry mouth due to medication or dehydration.
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