Gum grafts

The purpose of a gum graft is to correct and improve the appearance of receded gums.

Several factors can predispose you to receding gums, such as:

  • Thin gums
  • Excessively vigorous brushing
  • Broken tissue
  • An ineffective filling, making it difficult to keep plaque under control and resulting in inflamed and receded gums.
  • Dental malposition
  • Bruxism

Receding gums can affect your mouth in several ways:

  • Cosmetic concerns because the teeth appear too long
  • Tooth sensitivity and increased risk of cavities because the roots are exposed
  • In severe cases: the underlying bone becomes weaker due to the lack of gum protection in the spaces between the teeth

Gum grafts are used to treat receding gums.

Three-step process:

  • Prepare the site: The area to be treated is decontaminated to enable proper coaptation of the graft. The dentist then cleans and planes the surface using curettes.
  • Remove tissue from the palate: The specialist collects thicker tissue and prepares it for the graft.
  • Suture the graft to the prepared gums: This adds thickness to the treated area. The specialist finishes by suturing the collected tissue in place.

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