Geneva dental clinic Chantepoulet

A caring, professional and personalized approach

Located in downtown Geneva, our clinic offers comprehensive dental services to children and adults in a friendly, modern environment.

Our staff is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience from the moment you step through the door. You’ll be welcomed by experienced staff who are attentive to your needs and care about your dental health.

Whatever the reason for your visit, we’ll do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. We treat each of our patients as if they were family!


Cutting-edge technology

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technologies to provide patients with top-quality care. We offer digital radiographic imaging (including the cone beam or 3D scans), surgical microscopes, optical impressions and CEREC technology. These tools help us ensure you always receive accurate diagnoses and optimal care.

We’re proud to offer leading expertise from attentive health professionals who are truly dedicated to supporting your health and wellbeing.

Our values

At our clinic, we put people first. In addition to caring for your wellbeing, we’re guided by the following principles:


Professionalism and top-quality service


Availability, active listening and caring


Personalized care


Sound advice and transparency

Each member of our team aims to uphold the values of attentiveness, empathy and transparency. By applying these principles, we’re better able to understand your needs and provide the best level of care to help you meet your dental health goals.

Our mission, putting a smile on your face!

We believe that oral health is important to your overall health. It can impact your physical and mental wellbeing. That’s why it’s important to care for your teeth and gums, and see a dentist you trust. At Clinique dentaire Chantepoulet, we’ve made it our mission to put a smile on the face of each of our patients.

Clinic Gallery

Are you looking for top-notch dental care? Welcome to Chantepoulet Dental Clinic, where our team of expert specialists works together to offer unmatched solutions. We understand the individual needs of each smile and encourage patients to rely on us for their dental needs. We’re dedicated to prompt responses and ready to address your concerns quickly. Schedule appointments online at your convenience, knowing we provide high-quality dental services at competitive prices, reflecting our commitment to your well-being.

Bid Farewell to Dental Apprehensions!

At Chantepoulet Dental Clinic, we understand the apprehensions that some patients may feel about dental visits. Regardless of your reasons for seeking care, we go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Every individual who walks through our doors receives the same warmth and care as if they were family.

Upon arrival, you’ll experience a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. Our dental team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and well-being throughout your visit. We value the importance of building trust-based relationships with our patients of all ages, attentively listening to your concerns and addressing them promptly.

In our Geneva-based dental practice, we strive to create a sanctuary of calmness and reassurance during your visit, making sure you feel embraced in safety and serenity.

Why Choose Chantepoulet Dental Clinic?

You’re welcome to drop by simply to experience our friendly atmosphere! However, there are numerous compelling reasons to consider visiting our practice:

  • Preventive Dentistry: Regular check-ups are essential for early detection and prevention of dental issues.
  • Comprehensive Dental Care: Our team is equipped to address a wide range of dental concerns.
  • Professional Cleanings or dental scaling: Regular cleanings help prevent plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of periodontal disease.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Whether it’s whitening, veneers, or other cosmetic procedures, we’ll help you achieve a radiant smile and boost your confidence.
  • Invisalign Orthodontics: Achieve a straighter smile discreetly with our Invisalign aligners.
  • Dental Implants: Our implants are crafted from top-quality materials, providing functionality and natural aesthetics.

In case of emergencies, our experienced team is ready to offer prompt and effective care. Choose Chantepoulet Dental Clinic for all your dental needs!

Dentist for Children: Chantepoulet Dental Clinic

Early Dental Visits: Why Take Your Child to the Dentist Sooner?

Introducing your child to our pediatric dental care team at an early age holds immense significance, not only from a dental perspective but also from a psychological standpoint.

Primarily, familiarizing your toddler with the dental environment serves to reduce future anxieties about dental care. By acquainting them with our office, staff, and procedures in a gradual and reassuring manner, you lay the foundation for a positive dental experience.

Furthermore, starting dental visits at a young age instills an understanding of the importance of regular dental care. Early exposure cultivates positive habits in oral hygiene, teaching your child the importance of integrating dental visits into their overall health routine and the necessity of daily tooth care habits.

Beyond dental care, our team seizes the opportunity to instill invaluable practices in your child:

  • Mastering Tooth Brushing Techniques
  • Flossing (Supervision recommended until age 10 for optimal dexterity)
  • Choosing nutritious foods to safeguard dental and oral health

Furthermore, our team tailors specific advice to your child’s age, ensuring personalized care and guidance.

What can you expect for your child at the Chantepoulet clinic?

When accompanying your child to their dentist in Geneva for routine care, anticipate the following:

  • Assessment of dental and jaw development
  • Examination of oral hygiene practices
  • Advice on good dental hygiene
  • Implementation of Preventive Measures (Potential recommendations for fluoride and dental sealants to ward off cavities)
  • Management of Dental Issues (Essential interventions for cavities, fillings, gum care, tooth extraction, etc.)
  • Potential referral to an orthodontist for orthodontic intervention (Including braces or other corrective devices)
  • Possible dental X-rays to assess oral health and identify subsurface concerns

Look no further for a dentist in Geneva and visit Chantepoulet Clinic! We offer cutting-edge solutions for:

  • The whole family.
  • All needs.
  • All budgets.

We eagerly await your visit at our conveniently located center in Geneva, just a stone’s throw away from Cornavin train station, situated at 21 Rue de Chantepoulet!