Our team is pleased to welcome children as soon as their first tooth erupts. At your child’s first appointment, they’ll have the chance to become familiar with our clinic and meet the dentist and hygienist.

Since this experience will set the tone for future appointments, it’s important to create a sense of trust. We’ll do everything we can to make a positive first impression on your little one. This includes providing a relaxed atmosphere and allowing your child to set the pace. Our waiting room has a children’s play corner and our treatment rooms have screens on the ceiling to allow kids to watch their favourite cartoons while being treated.

We offer preventive dental care and restorations to young patients.

Preventive care
Since children don’t have the same fine motor skills as adults, they often clean their teeth less effectively. That’s why it’s important to regularly review tooth brushing techniques with them.

Dental sealant
Permanent teeth often have fine grooves and deep crevices. Even with careful brushing, food can get stuck in these grooves, increasing the risk of cavities. In addition to annual cleaning, we recommend applying a sealant (liquid resin) to create a smooth surface on a child’s permanent teeth. This protects teeth against cavities.

Our paediatric dental specialist is gentle, understanding and lets your child set the pace for the appointment.

Do you have concerns about your children’s teeth? Contact us to schedule an appointment!